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The term “embedded programming” refer to the software “embedded” in devices. Embedded software engineers need to have a deeper understanding of the hardware platform on which their code runs, and they have “speak to” the hardware (turn things on/off, and monitor the state of the hardware). They must make some trade-offs with the hardware engineers […]


We specialize in making devices talk to each other – like reading/writing to your IoT device from your mobile via Bluetooth, or monitoring/controlling your factory from your hotel room on a business trip, via the Internet…


Today most devices need to be “connected” somehow – even non-IoT devices can benefit from this. Either by reducing the number of physical buttons, from automated test, or just controlling your device from a mobile phone. You can do this using Bluetooth – or wifi, if you want to make an IoT device. Either way, […]


We are constantly seeking embedded freelancers – do you have a background in any of our areas? Embedded, mobile, web, test, digital electronics and the like.

Send us your CV – it will not be shown to any clients withour your accept.



Poul Bertelsen, B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering, from Aalborg University, 1980.

He started his career in ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Center) in the Netherlands, as an embedded software engineer, working with a 6809 microprocessor based  Satellite Ground Checkout backup system –  wireless communication at that time was with primitive protocols, no encryption, packet swithching, etc.  Three years later he joined GNT Automatic in Søborg, Denmark, as a software development engineer, working with low-power electronics. Developed a primitive co-routine operating system for the 1802 microprocessor, and later a time-slice RTOS for the 68HC11 microprocessor, used in payment terminals worldwide.

Bercom was founded in 1987, and was initially developing embedded data collection systems based on PC and handheld terminals. Later also doing freelance contracts in the medical, industrial and mobile areas.

Key areas today are the whole chain in the development of connected devices. We can help in all areas, from design, development, prototyping, test and implementation. On time and material, or as consultancy services.


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